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Since our foundation in 1894, Phonon Meiwa Inc. has over 100 years of history. With "Creation and Challenge" as our corporate identity, we have expanded business by creating ceramic products and technologies appropriate for the needs of the times through the support and patronage of customers.
Currently, the global economy and social structure are undergoing major changes, and the environment surrounding us is affected accordingly.
As a result of rapid economic globalization, emerging nations have become prominent, and global competition with companies in emerging nations is growing intense. Meanwhile, markets have steadily expanded, bringing about environmental problems, such as global warming, environmental pollution and depletion of resources.
Market expansion has also brought about economic inequality, and social issues such as poverty and human rights have become more pronounced.
As a company operating a business that receives the great blessings of nature, we at Phonon Meiwa will devote ourselves to reducing environmental load, and face any social issues with sincerity to contribute to the sustainable future of earth through our business activities.
Advanced nations have entered the Age of Big Data. To respond to customers needs expanding ahead of the next phase such as smart community societies or low carbon societies, and to take advantage of every business opportunity, we are determined not only to enhance the competitive edge of existing business, but to create original technologies to enter growing marketplaces.
At Phonon Meiwa, we will put our enthusiasm into every single product, embrace the "Creation and Challenge" spirit, and continue working forward to create a new history. Your continued support and patronage would be sincerely appreciated.

Tomoki Tani, President & CEO

Tomoki Tani  

Tomoki Tani
Tomoki Tani
President & CEO

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