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Creation and Challenge Creation and Challenge

In the ancient times, men learnt how to produce stone arrowheads for hunting and earthenware by putting formed soil into the fire, which were essential for their lives. The material for the earthenware is of course soil and that for the arrowhead, the stone. An earthenware will be broken one day and return to the earth.
An earthenware is the Ceramic itself and will return to the earth after fulfilling its function. The Ceramic does not hurt the man or the earth. We can say that the Ceramic is an ecology-oriented material for the man and also the earth.
This material also contains big possibility. We wish to continue our effort for achieving comfortable coexistence of the human society and nature, using this high potential material for challenge to the future based on our creative capability and passion.


Important characteristics of the Ceramic such as thermal conductivity, optical absorption and heat radiation are generated by lattice oscillation of the Ceramic crystal. The concept that quantizes this lattice oscillation is called the phonon. Our company name was determined after this phonon, giving the meaning of transmitting our passion toward the Ceramic material to our customers.
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